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$25 Rekey (Minimum of 3 Rekeys or Minimum of $75 Purchase)

Rekey your locks to avoid unauthorized access to your properties! Call us and avail a rekeying service for only $25 each rekey.

Worried about someone has the keys to your house or car? This is when rekeying should be taken into great consideration. We offer our rekeying services for only $25 each rekey. You must have have a minimum of 3 locks to rekey for a total of $75 each visit.

It is definitely uncomfortable to feel that anyone might get in your property as they might have the keys to open your locks. They might be the previous occupant in your apartment or someone who found your lost keys somewhere. Bearing in mind that they might access your place won't give you the peace of mind or even a good night sleep.

As soon as the feeling of uncertainty regarding your security arises, you need to take action and call the professionals to have your locks rekeyed immediately. Nothing feels better than knowing your home is safe and no one can get in easily with your locks rekeyed.

Contact us at ALuckyLock to get help for the best locksmith technicians. They can rekey any type of locks as they've been doing this service for more than a few years now. We do not hire locksmiths that lack experience and certification. Call us and we'll send help fast!